In Cordoba, multiply the Ecogas alerts after the tragedy of Rosario

Publicado el 15/08/2013
The tragedy of Rosario, in which 21 died due to an explosion generated by a loss of gas in a building, still has impact on Cordoba, where multiplied calls for Ecogas. The information was confirmed to Coterranea from the company responsible for the distribution of this resource. "As always happens after these unfortunate situations, grew the number of calls by losses or smell of gas," marched from Ecogas. The mechanism of action, he explained, is the usual: "he concurs to the place of the complaint with specialized technical personnel, is evaluated, and if there is loss, the supply is cut off". Then, the client must give intervention a registered gas, who are the only ones qualified to perform tasks with natural gas. With respect to controls, Ecogas spokespersons explained that they continue to be performed as usual, based on the established minimum legal "regulations".

Recommendations to avoid risks:

-Carry out an inspection and regular maintenance of all gas installations.

-Any kind of work (installation, repair, maintenance or revision), must always be carried out by a registered gas.

What other measures they take in your building to prevent such accidents? Comment and participate in the raffle of two copies of the book "the things of life. Discussions on the design of clothing in Argentina", courtesy of the Cultural Center Spain Cordoba.
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In Cordoba, multiply the Ecogas alerts after the tragedy of Rosario
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