Grows the bid by the salary increase: Suvico hardens the claim - Revista Coterránea - Córdoba - Argentina

Grows the bid by the salary increase: Suvico hardens the claim

Publicado el 17/05/2013

The conflict raised between the single trade union of surveillance and security of Córdoba (Suvico) and entrepreneurs is not content but form. So is evidenced by the apparent positions of either side around the joint negotiation that is inevitable and that could end up meeting in the course of the next few days.But going to a more specific level, it is imperative that employers feel a dialogue to find consensus among a position strictly linked to the wage issue (of workers) and one more related to a theme of Fund (the companies) as it is training and those items that would help to improve the delivery.The urgency is a meeting point above all, taking into account that the Guild that brings together the private security guards was declared in a State of alert and mobilization and threatens to harden the fight plan in the next week without agreement."On Monday we went to the Ministry of labour to claim an increase, because until now employers did not provide any percentage", he told Coterranea Deputy Secretary of Suvico, Gustavo Pedrocca.Después of doing a simple analysis means that the reaction of those is no accident. It is that, if it does not improve service in an integrated way (on the basis of a greater readiness), no arguments for an increase of expense, what naturally occurs in paid instalments an increase in the wages of workers.As well and whole plan of struggle will continue. "On Monday we get together and, not to reach a settlement, we will make cuts in warehouses, bottling, metallurgical and private neighborhoods. "We will have a presence in places with banners and flags to express our condemnation of indifference", confirmed Pedrocca.Cabe remember that they demand 40% of salary increase which could lead the basic salary for the initial of the $4,600 category to the $6,500. "The last increase was 5% in January this year. "" We work 192 man hours which are actually many more that we are willing to continue with the struggle, said."We are located in a complex dead "that was the definition of Walter Andres, representative of Paravant S.A, a firm with more than 20 customers in Cordoba, for whom"undoubtedly should recognize the legitimacy of the claims because no one escapes the inflationary reality and the order of the guilds that exist in this country"."However "will have to find a point of agreement that has multiple edges: the logical need to rebuild wages, the need to analyse the difficulties which means for employers dump at rates that increase and the need for the customer to maintain a level of security expected at a price in line", considered the employer, for whom "there is no doubt that the differences will be settled".Andres insists on advancing in the ranking of the activity to argue that "should take advantage of the joint meetings to analyze the professionalism (forgive the redundancy) profession level conventions, which we favour both to us and to the Union through the security guards". And to reason: "they (the guards) need to increase wages, employers need to keep our customers and clients need to maintain security".

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Grows the bid by the salary increase: Suvico hardens the claim
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